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USA Based Mortgage Loans In Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas Villas (CSLV) And Global Mortgage (GM) helps our clients obtain USA based mortgage loans in Mexico. This new service we offer results from recent changes that now allow foreign buyers to obtain mortgage loans to finance their Mexican real estate. Prior to this, the lack of traditional mortgage financing in Mexico forced foreigners to either pay cash or utilize very expensive and unattractive loan options.  Now, CSLV helps to open a new door and a new chapter in history for people who wish to buy real estate in Los Cabos.
CSLV/GM has a new, dynamic system that allows you to apply for cross-border residential mortgage loans in Mexico. US buyers can obtain long-term, fixed rates for mortgages of up to 15 years. This not only offers you the convenience of making payments on a villa in Cabo San Lucas, it also gives you many additional benefits as well.
One of these benefits is a possible tax deduction. A mortgage loan in Mexico on a primary or secondary residence of up to 2 million dollars in value can be deductible under IRS Publication 936. You will, of course, need to confirm this with your CPA.
Another advantage you gain from working with CSLV’s & GM mortgage program is a down payment that is similar to a U.S. mortgage. Many of Cabo San Lucas villas can be financed with a reasonable down payment and this opens a veritable floodgate of opportunity when you consider that previously you had to save up the total amount of the purchase price to own a villa in Los Cabos. CSLV is more than happy to help you find a new home in Baja that not only represents a luxury destination spot but is actually yours for the rest of your life!
But what if you have already saved up sufficient cash to purchase a home outright? Should you still finance? We recommend that you do because cash leverage can possibly qualify you for mortgage loans in Mexico on multiple properties. As an organization familiar with every villa in Los Cabos, we can help you distribute your investments in the best possible homes if you want to invest in more than one property.
CSLV/GM can handle all of the following when you work with us:
You can apply with our secure online loan application, or you can print out your application and mail or email it to one of our offices.
Loan Origination
You will receive a loan organization package with all the necessary documents you need to complete the process.
Document Submission
Our loan processing department then receives your documents and reviews them within 3 days.
Processing & Obtaining Loans
If additional information is required, our loan processing department will contact you and guide you through the process of submittal.
Commitment Loan Closing & Funding
Once your USA based loan is underwritten, you receive a commitment letter and are assigned an agent to work with you to the completion of the closing process.
CSLV’s watches the market to find you the best properties and help our clients obtain mortgage loans in Mexico. Our financing solutions are one-of-a-kind, so you can buy the home of your dream in Mexico and have your own permanent destination spot at your disposal whenever you need to get away.
Mortgage Loans In Mexico
For Immediate Assistance Call 1-713-254-9290

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