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Cabo San Lucas Mexico Luxury Vacation Villa Rentals - For Immediate Assistance – 713-254-9290

Casa Koll – Cabo San Lucas Beachfront Villa Rental – For Immediate Assistance – 713-254-9290

You will feel like you have stepped straight off the plane onto this luxurious poolside terrace when you book your stay at Casa Koll.  This is not an exaggeration because technically you only have to take a few steps to get there.  As soon as you are outside the airport terminal, a Cabo Villa Rentals private driver picks you up and takes you to your residence.  There, you and your party enjoy a welcome party of chips, salsa, and margaritas.  You can finish any activity planning with your concierge at this time, and you can have your rental car delivered to the house so you can be ready to hit Los Cabos the following day.

You’re not going to want to go anywhere but poolside this first night, though.  There are beaches in other parts of the world that look ugly in comparison to this picture, so why would you leave?  Make some more margaritas after the welcome party leaves, and take some time to visit with loved ones under those umbrellas that line the edge of the water.  Casa Villa Rentals gives you a full resort experience in the privacy of a luxury villa where you can let only as much of the world in as you like and shut the rest out.

You won’t feel any less pampered on the inside of Casa Koll than you do on the outside.  Six TV’s, including a big screen home theater with stereo surround sound, offer plenty of entertainment options for people traveling in a large group.  Enjoy satellite TV or watch your favorite DVDs while you relax in comfortable furniture.  When you start to get hungry, you don’t have to scramble to get dressed for a restaurant.  Just have your Casa Villa Rentals concierge send over your private chef and wait staff.  They will prepare you a 5-star meal of your choice that rivals any beachfront resort–and the maid service will clean up for you.

Don’t be afraid to drink the water at Casa Koll.  This villa has its own water purification system, so you can stay cool on hot days without having to consume excessive alcohol just because you feel thirsty.  Enjoy a night of air conditioned comfort in king or queen sized beds with ocean views.  Enjoy your own private bathroom in your room, and never feel in a hurry to hit the town until you are truly ready to do something special.

Casa Koll is one of Cabo Villa Rentals premier estates.  It is the personal home of the Koll family, who developed Palmilla.  Its architecture is inspired by medieval chateaus, and it features stone walls.

Casa Koll – Cabo San Lucas Beachfront Villa Rental
For Immediate Assistance – 713-254-9290

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