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This summer, go out all when you come to Los Cabos.  Luxury house rentals are waiting for you here, offering you the opportunity to spend your vacation in the very lap of luxury that you have always dreamed of living.  Amazing architecture awaits you the moment your driver turns into the driveway, setting your vacation apart from even the finest of resort hotels and bringing you into a realm where you and your guests will feel like royalty from the moment they step out of the car.

Breathtaking  Views of the Sea
Los Cabos luxury house rentals offer some of the best views of the ocean anywhere along the Pacific Coast of North America.  Many of these castle-like homes are perched on hills high above the beach.  You are walking distance from the water, but you are also situated at a vantage point that gives you a sweeping view of the sea spreading out into near infinity.  Very few things rival a Pacific sunset–even in Cabo–and there is no better way to begin your evening than to watch a few from the terrace of a luxury custom home.

Refined Outdoor Living Space
When we think of luxury homes, we think of refined interiors with opulent couches, massive bedrooms, and kitchens the size of small cottages.  We often forget that outdoor space is just as important as indoor space, and that true luxury living inevitably must take in some sunlight.  This is why the majority of Los Cabos luxury house rentals feature opulence outside as well as in.  Some have as much as 27,000 square feet of space that you can use for eating, drinking, swimming, and quality social time.  Enjoy outdoor dining rooms, massive infinity pools, and jacuzzis that rival anything you have seen in a film.  Take a night off from the nightlife and enjoy a movie on an outdoor pop up flat TV screen, and light up the fire pits to add ambiance to your personal outdoor theater.

Fully Staffed Gourmet Kitchens
By all means, take in at least one 5-star resort restaurant while you are here in Cabo.  But don’t go out to eat every night.  Take the time to fully appreciate your luxury vacation with a dining-in experience that will rival anything you find in a resort.  Sit at the table while a private chef and wait staff prepare a gourmet meal for you and your guests.  There is nothing you can find in the world “out there” that you cannot experience right in your own home away from home.  Consider how many years you have planned this trip, and how much you still continue to save in the hopes of buying a home like this.  Enjoy all of its benefits before you leave by having a full course meal in the privacy of your own home, with a view of a city on one side and a view of the moonlit ocean on the other.

Opulent Living Rooms and Bedrooms
Los Cabos luxury house rentals are fully furnished with king and queen sized beds, large couches, and chairs designed for the siesta of a lifetime.  No vacation is complete without plenty of naps throughout the day, and you’ll never run out of places to sleep in a home like this.  You should indulge yourself throughout the entirety of the residence–even if you brought work with you.

Home Offices for the Working Vacation
No doubt you have had to work very hard for your money, otherwise, you wouldn’t be staying in a luxury house.  At some point in time, you may begin to feel guilty after several days and nights of nothing but fun.  That little voice that says, “Work! Work! Work!” starts talking in your head, telling you to do something productive with your time.  Well, you don’t have to cancel your vacation to put in a few hours in the virtual office.  Most of our Los Cabos luxury house rentals feature home office environments where the working professional can kill the work bug just enough to justify all of the fun.

Choose from a wide range of floor plans and locations when you book your vacation today.  Let us know your plans for your trip, and we will find a custom home built with your dream vacation in mind.

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